Party Buses for Hire around Ashby Woulds and Leicestershire

Party Bus and Limo Hire in Ashby Woulds

Imagine experiencing the magical allure of Ashby Woulds not from the pavement, but from the plush interiors of a luxury party bus or limo. At, we're all about elevating your journey to an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a mobile party or party transportation for a special occasion, we've got you covered!

Occasions Perfect for Party Bus Hire

From stag and hen parties to children's birthday celebrations and corporate events, our party buses add a touch of extravagance and a whole lot of fun. Picture this: The party starts even before you arrive at the destination. Now, that's a thrilling proposition, isn't it?

The Mercedes Starline Limo Bus

One of our most acclaimed options is the Mercedes Starline Limo Bus. It's not just a party bus, it's a party on wheels. Don't just take our word for it, though. Here's a sneak peek into the grandeur of the Starline Limo Bus: Mercedes Starline Limo Bus.

The Journey through Ashby Woulds and Greater Leicestershire

Imagine rolling through the vibrant streets of Ashby Woulds, with popular nightspots and must-see landmarks gliding by. Extend this virtual tour through Leicestershire and even to nearby cities. The journey is made all the more enjoyable aboard our party buses and limos.

Our Fleet

Our fleet offers a variety of experiences to choose from. The edgy Hummer limos offer a quirky twist, while the dynamic energy of our party buses is perfect for a lively crowd. For a more refined experience, the elegance of our Mercedes V Class vehicles is unmatched.


At, we offer a range of packages to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Whether you're looking for a small party bus for an intimate gathering or a large party bus for a big group, we've got something for everyone.

Start Your Journey with

Ready to turn the mundane into the memorable? Start your journey with us. Book a party bus or limo and experience the thrill of partying on the move. - where the journey is as exciting as the destination.

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Our Party Bus Hire services are available in all local postcodes around Ashby Woulds including DE11, DE12, DE13, DE15, DE65, LE65, LE67, LE9, NG10, NG11 .

8 Seater Party Buses,10 Seater Party Buses,12 Seater Party Buses,14 Seater Party Buses,16 Seater Party Buses,18 Seater Party Buses,20 Seater Party Buses,20 to 30 Seater Party Buses,35 Seater Party Buses

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